“I know people think that acting is not quite the occupation of grown-ups, but it is actually the ultimate learning process: You get a multitude of experiences, all for the price of one life.”





did you just

did you just break the fourth wall as a cry for help

A cry for help for a wardrobe change because that shirt is so ugly oh my god


that selfie looked better on my phone: the novel


"Sam would never sacrifice himself for you"


"He’s always felt this way"


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Miki Nagata’s Japanese-style sweets — “mini aquarium jellies” and “koi carp jelly.” Too cute to eat~! ♡


To reach milk, place your hand through the Christmas wrist wreath.

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I think Apple’s telling me to bottom more often

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horoscopes for the new moon

aries: get off the bathroom floor

taurus: you’re nauseating your lover

gemini: bury yourself and grow again

cancer: the sky is calling you

leo: be careful on train tracks

virgo: you’re deluded and dramatic

libra: start wearing rosaries for protection

scorpio: your sadistic tendencies won’t stop

sagittarius: quit bleeding all the time

capricorn: visit your grave

aquarius: they’re coming for you

pisces: i’m sorry but there is nothing


No, but what the fuck, Metatron making references to subtext and to the viewer’s interpretations being as valid as the writers and calling Dean Cas’ boytoy and then says, “The problem with having well-drawn characters is that sometimes they surprise you.”

I’m not saying Destiel but fucking DESTIEL